My Entire Life

Feb 6, 2022 | Music, Songs | 0 comments

When I’m asked what this song is about I’ll probably say that it’s about 5 minutes and 10 seconds. I didn’t know it was going to be this long. I only found out when it was complete and ready to post on Bandcamp. Most of my songs have too many word and end up being long, but when I finally record them I notice and find a way to make them shorter. I like to keep everything under 4 minutes – that seems a reasonable maximum length. But I didn’t do that this time.

I don’t want to say much about this song. It was an opportunity to sing low. I found I had to record the vocal in the morning or I couldn’t get quite that low. It’s a song I’ve liked for a while without any real expectation that anyone else would like it. I can’t even explain what I like about it. I just do.


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