Missing People

Feb 24, 2023 | Music, Songs | 3 comments

This song has gone through quite a few changes as it took form. The chorus is new, a number a verses have been abandoned and the others have been rewritten. The topic changed a bit along the way and the melody has been re-written a few time. In other words, it’s a song that has developed normally.

I recently purchased a new microphone. I also had some valuable advice from my friend John who knows a thing or two about making records. I’m now getting much closer the the microphone and using different tools to attempt to make my voice clearer and more “present”. Hopefully it’s helping. It’s often hard for me to tell. I listen to the song so many time while I’m working on mixing it that it gets hard to be objective. Hopefully it shows in this recording.

While I’ve got lots of ideas about how I could improve this song (once again, normal), I find that I’m particularly pleased with this one. It’s turned out better than I expected. At least that’s the way it sounds to me. I never have any idea about how it lands with others. But, of course, that’s normal too.


  1. Paul Osborn

    Hey Dan, well done. One of your best songs. Your vocals on this sound really good. Is the guitar work all you as well?

    • Daniel Weinstein

      Thanks Paul. Unfortunately, I can’t claim credit for the guitar work. There aren’t any live instruments on the track at all. I keep practicing and one day perhaps I’ll get there.

      • Robert Hendrickson

        Just heard this song and I really like it.
        Somehow your voice is more pleasing to my ear. It is like your voice is just natural instead being forced to sing. Don’t know if that makes sense.
        And I like the lyrics.


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