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This song occurred to me on a morning in Byron Bay when I was going to a friend’s 70th birthday in the evening. I didn’t know how that particular friend was going to take the reality of a number that big. It’s a “no shit” number. It’s a number that makes it hard to keep the reality of mortality at bay.

Byron Bay is full of young people who take no notice of their mortality and regularly do foolish and dangerous things. Just like I did, back in the day.

It occurred to me that immortality isn’t really about defeating death, it’s a way of living with no regard for the reality of death.

Just like youth is wasted on the young it seems to me that only the young really get to experience immortality. For a while.

But the song lies. I don’t really remember it very well. I’m just grateful for the little bits of my own immortality that I do recall.

A version of this song premiered at that birthday party. And that friend seemed to take turning 70 very well indeed.



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