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Bob is a friend of mine from university.  We hadn’t seen each other in a very long time.  I had a trip planned to the US that was going to include visiting Eve and my families and seeing a number of national parks. Afterwards Eve wanted to get back to Australia for a wedding and I wanted to view my very first total eclipse.  Bob and I decided to travel together to Oregon for the event.

While we were planning the trip Bob recollected that back in the day he remembered me singing (or shouting) “I want to get me some hongos”.  That would have be almost 50 years earlier and I had no recollection whatsoever of a song like that – if it was indeed a song.

I took it on as a project.  I decided to bring a song called Hongos or I Want to Get Me Some Hongos to the eclipse.  It just seemed appropriate.

This is that song.  Back in the day I did enjoy various psychedelics.  And it’s true that I remember them with fondness. It’s been a while now but from time to time I do think that I’d like to find me some hongos.  It never seems to happen any more, but still…



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