Equal Time

Apr 5, 2023 | Music, Songs | 3 comments

If you don’t believe in Zeus or Mars or Thor
Or any of the thousand gods who ruled the world before
Our beliefs are similar once you think it thru
I just believe in one god less than you.

I’ve participated in a variety of different a cappella choirs over the last 20 years. I love the sound, the harmonies and the community that singing creates. Gospel songs are often a part of choir singing. They sound great. However, they often include statements of belief that I don’t share. And I know that’s the case for lots of other singers.

I wrote Equal Time eight years ago while attending a choir workshop. It’s a fun song and I enjoy singing it, but it didn’t seem to work when I tried to record it. However I recently enrolled Susan Stott and Robyn Lee to sing backing vocals. With their beautiful harmonies the song seemed to come alive.  Here’s the result.


  1. Ron Sawula

    Love it! Great background vocals and love the sentiment!

  2. Sandra Kwa

    Hallelujah! Hail the flying spaghetti Monster!

  3. Bill Powell

    That resonates and resonates, a truly great effort Daniel.


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