Easy to Smile

Jan 19, 2022 | Music, Songs | 0 comments

Easy to Smile was re-mixed and re-mastered in November 2022

[This is a new mix. Drums by John Bennetts have been added and pretty much everything else has been changed, at least a little. April 2002.]

Sometime around 1971 I wrote these words. I don’t remember writing them, but I know where they came from. I don’t think I ever performed it as a song back in the day. I found the words in an old journal.
When I saw them I almost immediately recalled a tune of sorts. It wasn’t this song, but it was a beginning.

This is a song about depression and how I survived it. When I wrote it I still had another 25 years of surviving it ahead of me. But I’d made a decision years before, when I was 14, that no matter how bad it got it would always get better. And it always did, at least for a while. And knowing that somehow made it just a little bit easier to smile.



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