Couple of Days

Oct 18, 2023 | Music, Songs | 2 comments

There are two ways to describe where this song came from.  More accurately there are at least two.  Give me time and I’ll come up with a few more.  The phase, “A couple of days”, sounding a lot like it does in the song, occurred to me at some point.  It took a long time to work out what the song should be about and a longer time to flesh it out into the song it’s become.

The other way to talk about it is … I have memories from a long time ago that I hold onto as special moments.  Moments that have the flavour of might have beens.  I know enough about memory to know that those memories are unreliable.  Maybe they happened, maybe they didn’t. And if they happened they almost certainly didn’t happen the way my memory says they did.  But I still value them as memories.  They’re special to me.  



  1. Kate McLane

    can’t help but think everyone has a memory they can relate to the lyrics ♥️

  2. Tony Torr

    I like it. You’re very prolific these days. The nice thing about getting older is there are lots of memories to write songs about.


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