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Annette finished in 10th place in the Humour/Novelty category of the Australian Songwriting Contest 2024! 

The goal had been for any of my songs (I entered 8 songs in the competition) to get on the board.  That has now been officially accomplished.  I can not take on a new goal for next year’s competition: to get on the board with a song that is NOT about boobs.  Wish me luck.

Annette was re-mixed and re-mastered June 2023.

When a line of a melody occurs to me I try to record and save it on my phone to be considered later. Sometime the melody is already attached to some words but often it occurs to me without any context. When that happens I try to fit some words to the melody so that I can identify it later.

In 2015 Eve and I were traveling through Queensland and stopped for a night at a remote cattle station. While taking a shower the first line of this song came to me. When I tried to match it with a few words the first line of Annette came to me. The words fit perfectly and I figured they’d be a good placeholder until I could think of more appropriate words.

And I tried to do just that for a long time, but appropriate words just refused to come. Eventually I gave in and tried to build on the first line. I liked the melody and, over the next three or four years, I built the rest of the song.

I figured that I didn’t have to perform it for anyone except for close friends. But those friends seemed to like it and didn’t seem to find it offensive. So, with some misgivings, I’ve decided to release Annette. It might have no redeeming social value but I, for one, think it’s funny.


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